• Contract Cleaning

    Top Hospitality offers professional contract cleaning and specialized cleaning services for commercial, industrial, hotels, healthcare, education, retail and transport industry clients.

  • Specialised Cleaning

    Our specialised cleaning services clean specific parts of your business such as furniture upholstery, ceilings, high windows, Marble maintenance, leather cleaning & escalators.

  • Labour Services

    The Labour Outsourcing Services provides skilled Cleaning staff to clients across UAE.

Contract Cleaning Services

At Top Hospitality, our daily contract cleaning services give you a full range of cleaning functions for your business premises under one umbrella. Rather than employing many different companies to provide the various cleaning services your business may need, using us means you’ll only deal with one cleaning company to clean every aspect of your business premises.

Contract Cleaning:

  • Business Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Healthcare Cleaning
  • Education Cleaning
  • Hospitality Cleaning
  • Retail and Janitorial Cleaning
  • Public Transport Cleaning

Cleaning services for a wide range of industries

Our highly trained cleaning crews are experienced at cleaning any work premises across a wide range of industries:

  • Business Cleaning Services: This is our general business cleaning service for office blocks, banks and financial institutions.
  • Industrial Cleaning Services: We can clean any industrial facility including those using HACCP systems.
  • Healthcare Cleaning Services: Our healthcare cleaning service is suited to any hospital or medical institution and includes CSSD instrument washing, ward hostessing and porterage.
  • Education Cleaning Services: This includes cleaning educational institution such as school, colleges and universities, as well as servicing accompanying residences.
  • Hospitality Cleaning Services: This is our cleaning service for hotels, resorts and includes all related housekeeping services.
  • Retail and Janitorial Cleaning Services: We clean large common areas in shopping centres and malls including walkways, food courts and bathrooms.
  • Public Transport Cleaning Services: This cleaning service includes cleaning all public transport areas including airports, bus stations and train stations.

Specialised Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning
  • Project Cleaning
  • Escalator Cleaning
  • Marble care
  • Wooden floor care
  • Automated Office Equipment Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Ceiling Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning

Specialised Cleaning Services

Our specialised cleaning services clean highly specific parts of your business premises such as furniture upholstery, ceilings, high windows,escalators and automated office equipment.
This type of specialised cleaning requires very specific equipment and detergents. At Top Hospitality, our staff are highly trained to handle these tasks, and all have experience in using the specific materials involved.

Our specialised cleaning services are suited to any industry

No matter what industry you’re in and what type of buildings you occupy, our specialised cleaning services can be used in your business. From healthcare and hospitality building cleaning to office park and retail centre cleaning,Private villas. we’ll keep all parts of your premises clean and free of germs on an ongoing basis.

Specialised cleaning services that cover all parts of your building

Our specialist cleaning services cover all parts of your building, from ceilings and floors to windows and upholstery. Specifically, our services include the following:

  • Automated Office Equipment Cleaning Services: We clean your office equipment including telephones, computers, printers kitchen, pantry.
  • Carpet Cleaning Services: This includes both wet extraction and dry powder maintenance depending on how often you need your carpets cleaned.
  • Upholstery & leather Cleaning Services: We clean upholstery on boardroom chairs, office chairs, privacy screens and more.
  • Ceiling Cleaning Services: Our specialised ceiling cleaning services can be used for any type of ceiling, including acoustic ceiling tiles and vinyl panel ceilings.
  • Deep Cleaning Services: Our deep cleaning services are responsible for reaching and cleaning often-neglected areas or locations with a high concentration of germs.
  • Floor Cleaning Services: We offer a variety of cleaning methods for different floor types including marble, wood and vinyl floors.
  • Window Cleaning Services:This type of window cleaning uses specialised equipment to clean high or hard to reach windows by certified employees.
  • Project Cleaning Services: This is cleaning for once-off projects such as pre or post occupational cleans of offices, factories or warehouses.
  • Escalator Cleaning Services: This involves using specialised automated cleaning equipment to clean both the step and vertical rise of an escalator.

Depending on your specific needs, we can provide our specialised cleaning services either as a value add-on to your regular cleaning contract with us, or as a once-off task if you don’t need specialised cleaning on a recurring basis.

Labour Services

  • Labour Outsourcing Services
  • Temporary Contract Labour Services

    • Temporary and contract labour hire services

As part of our temporary and contract labour services, we look after all your production and staffing requirements, and can provide you staff on a contract basis. As part of managing this for you, we screen all our candidates regularly, including checking their references.

    • Labour outsourcing services

With this labour hire service, we provide you with outsourced staff that report directly into your management structure. This means that our staff can be properly integrated among your permanent employees, but you still get the flexibility of using outsourced staff only when you need them.
No matter what industry you’re in, our labour services provide you with the high quality employees you need to run your business efficiently and competitively.